Custom machines for industrial applications
custom machines for industrial applications

Since 1986, Sawtech Scientific has specialized in designing and building Custom Machines for industrial applications involving sawing, slotting, drilling, milling and routing of metal, wood or engineered materials.
Machinery for the metal working industry:
Cutting of aluminum extrusions for heat sinks, window and door stock, picture frame material, aircraft parts, automotive parts.  Special horizontal CNC type machine tools for slotting, drilling, milling, etc.  Rotary index or transfer machines for dedicated part production.
Machinery for the building products industry:
Flying cut-off saw machines, special Panel Saw Machines CNC controlled for angle cuts, Gang Saws for continuous panel, OSB and plywood lines, Double Mitre Saw machine for window, door and picture frame industry.

Sawtech Scientific also offers the following products and services:

• Custom Controls / Software
• CAD design
• Contract Build and Sub-Assembly Services

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Flying Cut-Off
Gang Saw Machine

Gang Saw Machine

CNC Panel Saw

CNC Panel Saw

Double Mitre Saw

Double Cut Mitre Saw

Gantry Routing & Drilling

Gantry Routing and Drilling Machine

Horizontal Cross Cut

Horizontal Cross Cut