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Double Mitre Saw

Double mitre saw

Double Mitre Saws for cutting aluminum extrusions and wood profiles.   Designed for the picture frame, window and door industry.  Length adjustment is made through machine controls and actuate automatically.  Capacity for standard picture frame machine is 2.00 inches x 2.00 inches x 6.00 - 86.00 inches long.

The Electronic Double Mitre Saw is a semi-automatic machine.  Saw blades are 12.00" diameter.  No cutting fluid or coolant is required for most thin aluminum extrusion sawing.  Unique feature of the machine is that it cuts from the bottom up.   Complete clamping system both horizontally and vertically ensuring a clean cut.

An excellent machine for both small and long run jobs.  Easy to operate and produces an accurate, clean cut.

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