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Gantry Routing and Drilling

Gantry routing and drilling machine #1Gantry routing and drilling machine #2

Large Gantry Routing and Drilling Machines for wood working and metal working industry.  Base size of machines range from 8 ft. x 8 ft. to 18 ft. x 18 ft..   Machine has 6 axes of movement plus spindle control.  CNC control with automatic tool change.  5 HP spindle motor, 30 taper tool holder, standard 0 - 4000 RPM, optional 15,000 RPM spindle available.  Machine control can be custom configured for any application.

Typical applications are: drilling holes in aluminum or wood shapes and sheet stock; routing panels or wood shapes and composite material shapes.  Large capacity machine designed for up to 144 inch round shape x 24 inches high.  The pictures above show an 8 ft. parabolic antenna being drilled from top to bottom for structural parts and receiver feed parts.

Routing applications include stress skin panel cut outs and composite material shaping.

Standard tool holder configuration is 12.  24 and 36 station tool holder arrangement available.

Gantry routing and drilling machine #3

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