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Horizontal Cross Cut Machine

Cross Cut MachineHorizontal cross cut machine

Horizontal Cross Cut machine with automatic feeder for cutting aluminum extrusions.  Designed primarily for cutting aluminum pin fanned heat sinks for the computer industry.  Can also be used for cutting slots and cut-off of aluminum extrusions.

Automatically feeds multiple sticks of extrusion through the machine.   Parts are slotted and cut in the inverted position.  Cutting the part upside down allows all the chips to clear out of the part as it is being cut.  The result is higher feed speeds and clean parts upon exiting the machine.

CNC control, flood coolant @ 75 gal. / minute or mist coolant configuration.   Capacity is 10 - 12 ft. extrusions.  Part size: 0.75 inch - 10 inch long x 16 inches wide x 3.00 inches high.  Feed speeds variable from 0 - 700 inches / minute.   All axes driven by AC servo motor and ball screw actuation.

50 taper spindle with hydraulic draw bar release.  Precision spindle driven by 35 HP spindle motor ( 0 - 6000 RPM).

Flood Coolant version comes with chip separator and conveyor as standard.  Coolant reservoir is 300 gallons.

The M4 machine is available in the mist coolant version.  Spindle is a fixed 2.00 inch capacity arbor x 6 inches long powered by a 20 HP motor (0 - 5200 RPM).  CNC control: capacity is 10 ft. extrusions; part size 0.75 - 6.5 inches long x 10 inches wide x 2.00 inches high.  Feed speeds variable from 0 -700 inches / minute.  All axes driven by AC servo motor and ball screw actuation.

Horizontal cross cut machine

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